Debate Open Thread

Here’s the thread for thoughts, comments and opinions and fart jokes during the debate.

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  1. Donald J. Trump plays the press LIKE A BOSS.

    Thank you Donald Trump and thank you to these four courageous women for stepping up and calling the Clintons for what they are – predatorial subhuman scum.

  2. PLEASE, ask her if Bill was “fit to be President”.

    Make her deny him, or own him. on live TV. No “Bill’s not on the ticket.”

  3. Info wars reporter is saying 80% are Hillary supporters at the debate.

    Think I’ll switch to Fox when it starts. Any better link/channel to watch?

  4. I’m listening to C-SPAN pre-debate where people are calling in with questions they would like to ask the candidates. One creaky-voiced old lady from Colorado wanted to ask Trump how he can ask people to vote for him when “he hasn’t paid his taxes for 19 years.”

    This is the intelligence level we’re dealing with people. Sometime I wonder how these people can dress themselves and remember to breathe in and out.

  5. Question for both:
    Have you had to deal with a close family member who you came to realize was a violent sexual predator, and how did you handle the situation so that person stopped victimizing vulnerable women?

  6. In an alternative universe, I would like to see @Bad_Brad debate Hillary.

    Bitch wouldn’t know what hit her.

    And I’d like to interview her.

    You know, like Roger Mudd interviewed Ted Kennedy in 1980.

  7. @riverlife. They don’t have to care for themselves. We do. Their only job is to work one hour every four years, to vote democrat. But we pay for them every day of every year.

  8. Just heard on the radio that three women who had accused #42 of sexual assault are at the debate with Trump’s camp.

    Who? I was in the bathroom and didn’t hear.

  9. Watching on Breitbart. Compare the 2 families. That sure is some world class ugly on the Killary side.

    God be with you DJT.
    My husband’s birthday is 11/09 and all he wants is a Trump Presidency.

  10. Please open with, “I’m not going to answer gotcha’ questions hand picked by a biased media. I am here to point out the corruption of Clinton and my vision for America”. Then acknowledge questions with a brief answer and tear into her.

  11. Watching it streamed on C-Span. I can’t stand the talking heads tell us what to think about what we will hear – I heard what they said, idiot. I don’t need you to tell me what to think!

    Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton are sitting together! Give Hillary the stink eye, ladies!

  12. WINS-AM has ABC feed. ABC doofus just referred to Clinton’s “former victims.”

    FORMER? Biased much? Ask Juanita Broaddrick how “former” her trauma feels.

  13. Fit to be president. Really Hillary? The EU is crumbling, Middle East is in flames from your tenure, and not one spot on the map shines brightly, that isn’t in flames. Question Madam Pantsuit, WHO ARE YOU???????

  14. Hillary is answering very tentatively.

    Trump’s response was good. He should have sang “U Can’t Touch This” at the end.

    P.S. to Cankles: Okay, so he rates women on a scale of 1 to 10. And he says you’re a solid negative 9.8.


  15. They just cut Trump’s response short after they gave Hillary at least 5 minutes.

    I can’t take this. Good luck all, I’m outta here. I wonder if I can find Gilligan’s Island playing somewhere …

  16. Manical smirking from the Hildebeast. Has the nerve to quote her co-conspirator, Sasquatch. Trump has finally got the attack in motion. Keep it up Trump.

  17. Trump just dropped the bimbo bomb on Hellary. And the press is trying to deflect and cut his time short. And he called them on it.
    Now Hellary is trying to deflect by saying that Trump isn’t discussing the issues — all while whining about Trump, not the issues.

  18. I hate that heifer’s psychiatric laughter and smiles when caught in a lie.
    Hateful cow! She passed in front of Trump’s podium to try to act like she’s in power.
    Yeah Canckles, let’s start over without your rotten single payer scheme.

  19. Crunt – we’ve had Muslims in America since George Washington.

    Yeah bitch. They were called slave traders and Barbary pirates.

    Rot in Hell with your father, Satan, Killer Hag.

  20. We have had moslems in America since George Washington….and that is why we built a Navy and ferried “Marines” to kick their butts. Bring up we have been at WAR with moslems since our founding.

  21. Go to Hillary’s dream for an EU style North American market. Open borders, free guvmint money on arrival. Borders are there for a reason. But the Clintons wouldn’t understand borders.

  22. “Women and children…..” Then tell me, why are all these refugees streaming into Europe all 20-year-old guys, you stupid crunt????

  23. Lying sack of shit. Oh the suffering children ages 18 through 40 and all male.

    Martha sure is helping illary answer the questions.

  24. So here’s how I’m handling this debate: I’ve got two YT windows open and on one I’m watching Trump’s comments and the anti-killery sidebar. And in the other I’m watching “Colonel Effingham’s Raid”.

  25. I just muted that thing asking questions and she moved her mouth for almost two minutes. Why is she giving a speech? Just ask the damn questions.

  26. I am so sick of these leftists with the questions. Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance if the moderators were conservatives.
    She doesn’t have a chance any way, but it would be nice to have conservatives.

  27. Besides the fact that she is the devil’s daughter, why do her eyes look totally black, when they are blue? Do they have Googie contacts now? I know she’s cheating somehow or other.

  28. Lets play change the subject. She can not stay on subject. Trump looks very good. After tonight Trumps comments about woman is off the table, now its the issues. Time to feel good about the election again.
    Go Trump Go.

  29. This debate is so hard to watch when I cannot stand to hear or see Shrillery. But hoping for a meltdown so I watch while trying not to gag.

  30. I’m biased but she is ridiculous. Her only strategy is to act like Trump is crazy and lies. He seems like a leader and with strength. And she sits every chance she gets.

  31. While Cankles was running her mouth I looked up Martha Raddatz because I don’t know much about her.

    Is she a male-to-female pre-op?

  32. I have the sound off, but just watching Hillary’s face – Trump is getting to her. She is not nearly so smirky and smug as she was the last time around.

    LOL @ Bad_Brad – agree, poor Hills has lost her smile.

  33. Good answer again Donald.
    Keep calling her a liar too. It will stick after a while, that’s the way the leftists do it. Difference is, it’s the truth about Hillary.

  34. For the children. … except those not allowed to be born.
    Love them chillins except those who my friends at Planned Parenthood kills before they have a chance to be born.

  35. From Finnegan’s Wake:
    “Trump revives, see how he rises
    Trump is rising from the bed
    Then Whirl your whiskey around
    Like blazes Thanum an Dhul
    Do ye think I’m dead?

  36. “When I started off as a young lawyer” oh yes, you fucking cunt, you destroyed a young child, and freed a forty one year old raping bastard.

  37. Oh good, I can smell killery’s desperation through the tee vee. I hope when Trump takes the WH that as leader of the party, he comes up with a creative way to dispense with these ridiculous “debates.”

  38. I hope she gets malignant blood pressure after the debate. Stroke out!!!
    Bitch – your predator husband is not running.

    You lie. Anderso is too much of a wimp to shut her up

  39. Hillary has the Supremes answer memorized

    Trump should respond, “I would nominate Justices who rule based on written law, not legislate from the bench.”

  40. Notice how knowledge/understanding of the Constitution is NOT something Hillary is seeking in a Supreme Court nominee.

    Spank you very much, Cankles.

  41. Supreme Court
    How about justices that read and follow the Constitution, bitch?
    Marriage equality? What the hell is that? Queers hooking up is NOT marriage.

  42. Get dark money out of politics. What a load. Hillary’s diatribe can be shortened. She wants a “people’s” court, but only answering to her. Commies don’t shed their skin.

  43. Hey, He said it I want people on the Supreme Court who will respect the Constitution of the United States. She, the cunt, is worried about Roe V Wade.

  44. What a stupid question.
    I don’t respect Hillary.
    I respect Donald Trump because I think he is a decent man.. He has, in my lifetime, shown nothing but respect for regular people, like myself, working people.

  45. Huma horse face didn’t look happy.

    Now listen to the lying sacks of shit commentary. Why don’t these hacks just bend over and kiss the hags ass as she passes by?

  46. My answer to final question would have been, “I don’t know how she’s put up with that cheating horn dog rapist for 41 years. She is a far more patient person than I am, that’s for sure.”

  47. Hildebeast is too bitter and evil to give humbled compliment. She’s pissed! Trump was magnanimous and a gentleman with his compliment.
    Much better debate than first one. Trump stomped the wicked witch-wore her down. Hope he drives a stake though her next debate coffin of lies. She’s done.

  48. Welp, they thought they were going to kill him over the “explosive” tape. They gave it their best shot and it wasn’t good enough. Cooper, Raddatz and the clintons lost.

  49. The return of the fly… is how the devil recharges his demons.

    The commentators afterwards are delusional. Ryan is going to not back Trump and support Hillary publicly? Not that it matters, but I say bullshit…Ryan doesn’t have a set.

  50. it doesn’t matter…none of this matters….

    you watched her lie and smirk her way though ninety minutes of bullshit….because she knows the fix is in…..either she wins, or she gets “a full and free pardon”…….

    as trump might say, “what has she got to lose?”

    i don’t think there is any way to override a presidential pardon, and, no matter how much love is not lost between the clintons and the obamas, there WILL be a pardon, if she loses…so what does she care? either way, she gets off scot-free……


    actually hoping to be diagnosed with some terminal disease, so as i can make my death MEAN SOMETHING…….if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift…

    oh shit……james comey is knocking on my door…….

  51. and, by the way, i just LOVE these “facebook” questions……

    i mean, seriously???? you really expect us to believe you went through all the facebook questions, and picked out only the most frequent ones asked?

    how about asking real questions about real issues???? isn’t that, like, YOUR JOB????

    well, no……not when you’re dealing with andy cooper and martha ratshit……..

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