Whataburger Issues Directives to Employees Regarding Firearms

Buzzpo: It appears that the Texas based fast food chain, Whataburger, has issued some very specific instructions to their employees if they witness a law-abiding customer lawfully carrying a firearm inside their stores.


The below photo appears to be an official directive from the Whataburger corporate offices, to all their employees nationwide.

The directive basically advises employees to ask any Whataburger customers they witness carrying a gun, to return it to their vehicle. If the customer refuses, employees are ordered not to serve the customer. Interestingly enough, the directive says that it doesn’t apply to any uniformed police officers.  more

47 Comments on Whataburger Issues Directives to Employees Regarding Firearms

  1. Welcome to your new job at Whataburger. Please check your rights at the door.

    A young person gets ambitious enough to get a job, even a Whataburger job, and upper management immediately sets them up to fail.

    Shame on them asking front line retailers to enforce management’s personal political views.

  2. I’m sure a banger that’s going to rob the place will comply with this policy.

    Fine. I’ll be more than happy to keep me, my handgun and my money out of your stores.

  3. Whataburger wants to invite a mass shooting on their forcibly unarmed customers? No thanks. I’ll go eat somewhere safe, that still respects civil liberties.

  4. Why don’t they just a put a sign on their door? Why force some pimple faced kid into a confrontation with an armed individual? It sounds like they may just have a beef with open carry.
    Really stupid way to manage this.

  5. I’m of two minds here. If a person carries into a restaurant a handgun but is is not displayed in an ostentatious manner (or is situated in a position that is difficult to see) then they should be served. Asking them to store the weapon in their car might actually be counseling them to commit a felony and then what if someone overhears this and breaks into the car? I think some of the problem may be caused by some truly stupid individuals that walk into a restaurant carrying a loaded AR-15 or AK-47, a Beretta in a Shoulder holster and a Colt 45 in a waist holster. Nothing would clear out a restaurant faster then that. I’d go with Whataburger on this except that I’d make the Manager make the call as well as talk to the customer.

  6. Open up Gun Burgers next door. Where you specify the shape of gun you want a burger made. Then open carry the Gun Burger into Whataburger and eat it at their table.

  7. I give them credit taking a stand on their opinion . As a business owner, I can understand wanting some control over what happens in your establishment.

    I do agree that posting it on the front door would show more integrity.

    But if I posted a ‘gun-free’ notice on the front door it would NECESSARILY include a notice warning ‘This establishment is protected by armed employees’.

  8. I agree, since this is mainly about “open carry” they should just post NO OPEN CARRY on the door. Open carry now is pretty much for the farm and ranch only, or in the woods.

  9. Way to go WTFBurger in creating victim zones. I wouldn’t eat there if they paid me. They are placing targets on their employees and customers.

  10. Brad, you make an interesting point, I carry concealed just to be sensitive to the faint of heart and because I like having the element of surprise. I do think open carry is important if nothing else, and I’m sure you’d agree, to retain our ever attacked rights. But yeah, it kind of looks creepy when I see a dude open carrying other than at the range or in the desert. OH WAIT, I’m assuming that your state allows concealed carry. AZ here.

    So maybe they just want you to keep it discrete, fair enough.

    They put a gun free zone sign up and that’s a completely different animal.

  11. “We respect our customers’ Second Amendment right regarding gun ownership, however Whataburger does not allow the open carry of firearms in restaurants for the safety and comfort of our other customers and employees.”

    Hypocritical much? “I support the Second Amendment, BUT…” They’re trying to have it both ways, keep the guns out without pissing off the CCW’ers by putting up the sign.

    Your approach is much more honest.

  12. Fuck them. The Second Amendment gives us the right to carry, period. Not the right to carry contingent upon some high-school dropout grease slinger’s permission.

    If I were LE responding to that 911 call, I’d just laugh in the manager’s face and tell the customer to enjoy his burger.

  13. I will vote with my feet, which will be walking away from Whataburger. Not safe to be unarmed today, even at church.
    Good burgers do not trump dumbass policy!

  14. A local movie theater chain (CineMark) has a similar policy (NO GUNS ALLOWED). I simply ignore it and carry concealed when I go to see a movie.

  15. The Federal and State Gov should keep their hands off the 2cnd. And you should be able to carry anyway you like. But you need to ask yourself why am I carrying. And if that answer is self protection and you open carry you’ve lost your edge. In fact you maybe arming the bad guy in the long run. If I were in a restaurant or shopping mall, store etc. and there were people with AR’s or AK’s slung over their shoulders it would make me nervous. It screams amateur. Guns are a tool with a specific purpose. Walking around with them slung over your shoulder looks as out of place as carrying a chain saw around.

  16. This is stupid. In Texas, if you have a open carry permit, you also have a concealed carry permit. When they ask you to remove your gun, just grin and put it in your pocket or concealed holster. Then you are obeying the “no open carry” store policy.

  17. Why not just put a “no open carry, please” sign on the door?
    Very weak throwing employees in front of them like that for cover.

  18. If gays and lesbians can sue businesses for not serving them, then by the same argument, lawful concealed carry or open carry citizens can sue Whataburger for discriminating against them. I’d file a lawsuit in a heartbeat and would hope others would too. Clog the courts and bog down Whataburger’s corporate lawyers. It would hit them where it hurts, the bottom line, whether you win the suit or not.

  19. So you can be refused service by exercising your constitutionally protected 2nd amendment right but if they refused to service a gay wedding citing their 1st amendment rights……

    Sorry but you are now out of business……..

  20. People are such idiots. I was working plainclothes with my gun and badge in plain view and had some woman complain bitterly that it was wrong for me to carry where she could see it.

    Now it is almost impossible for non-law enforcement persons to get a CCW permit. The judges will only issue sportsman licenses which allows you to possess a handgun in your home, while hunting or on the pistol range. You must have the gun locked in the car and ammo kept separately while transporting it.

    I’m looking for a conservative lawyer to do a class action lawsuit in NYS to fight it. Wash, DC restrictions were almost completely eliminated (District of Columbia v. Heller), Illinois also; we should be able to do it here.

  21. I open carry out in the yard (50 acres w/ wild animals) and refuse to ask permission to exercise a right. But what if I wanted a soda, or a coffee, or a Whateverburger?

  22. The deranged killer is the one pointing the gun and pulling the trigger….

    Whataburger has the right to ban open carry. The big question is will they save their employees some hassle and put up the proper 30.07 sign? Or will they force the kid behind the counter, making just over minimum wage, to handle the situation? The way the law is written, does the kid behind the counter even have the authority? The person in charge does but that’s not normally the kid on the counter.

    Either way, the shiny Whataburger they are about to open a couple of blocks from work won’t be getting my business.

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