Are Illegals Leaving In Droves?

Liberty Nation: Mexicans Leaving in Droves – and Not Just Because of ICE.

Recent census numbers show a drastic decline in Mexican immigrants in the U.S., but should we really be surprised? President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigration and the strong message being sent to those contemplating coming here illegally was surely part of the reason. But, added to the sudden drop in Mexican immigrants comes another concern – lack of help for farmers and other industries. Should we be concerned? Let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of the situation.

By the Numbers

Just how much has the population of Mexican immigrants – legal and otherwise – dropped since Trump took office? According to an article in the Huffington Post, there were 11.7 million Mexico-born residents in the U.S. – a peak time for Mexican immigrants before the Great Recession sent a lot back home to try and scrape out a living. That number dropped slightly in 2017 to 11.3 million, but since Trump took office, it is estimated that 300,000 of these immigrants have left the U.S. between 2016 and 2017.

Here’s the comparison between Trump and Obama:

Mexican Immigrant population

Obama years

  • 2011 saw a drop by 38,484.
  • 2012 saw a drop by 109,245
  • 2013 saw an increase of 21,603.
  • 2014 saw an increase of 129,512.
  • 2015 saw a drop by 71,191.

Trump years

  • 2016 saw a decrease by 69,618.
  • 2017 saw a decrease by 303,767.

What does this tell us?  In five years under Obama, the Mexican immigrant population only actually decreased by 67,805, while in just two years under Trump, 373,385 immigrants left the U.S.  Between 2007 and 2008, during the Great Depression, was the last time we saw so drastic a reduction – approximately 326,000.  keep reading

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  2. MJA, love the 80’s Love Shack reference! When music was still music,,,ummm. Now that Sugar Shack,,, now I’m dating myself,,,

  3. I call bullshit also. The “11 million illegal alien” number has been tossed-around at least since the 2000 presidential election cycle; there is NO WAY IN HELL there were only 11.7 million when President Trump was sworn-in. Geeze, there are some credible estimates of 1/2 million entering the country every year during the Bush and Obama years. Also, the last Census was in 2010, eight years ago, and even then the estimates of illegals was suspect, because illegals usually don’t want to talk to government officials.

  4. There’s been a focus on Mexicans for a long time now but the problem goes way past just them. The floods from the Orient, mid east and Africa have continued right along.
    Take a look around your town and see if it’s anything like the place you used to know.
    I hate the dems more than any of our previous enemies, they are not only traitors, most are deviants.

  5. “Mexicans Leaving in Droves”*

    (* – For those of you not familiar with foreign cars, a “Drove” is a small East German automobile, thousands of which were exported to Mexico after the collapse of the USSR. They are very similar to a Huff, which some of the Mexicans were also seen leaving in.)


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