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Feminazi a Movie

Haven’t done this in a awhile-

-They Died With HIS Boots On

-Never Quiet on the Western Front

-9 to 2:30

-The Days of Whining Roses



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  1. Bahwnee and Khliiidea

    Abortion of a Nation

    Gold Diggers of 2018

    The Womyn

    The Thin Woman of Indeterminate Body Form AndIt’sNoneOfYourBusinessAnywayYouPig

  2. In a world…

    where superhero movies are almost entirely male-driven and male-focused…where women are largely superfluous eye-candy for quasi-bearded geeks to ogle…where the testosterone is so thick it fogs the air like Vaseline on the camera lens…

    Comes the New Feminist Super-Team of Five Mighty Social Justice War Grrls who combine into a colossal vibrating robot of social justice before whose empty accusations and false tears no male enemy can stand. It’s…


  3. These are all so good. I wish I could play but I’m still chuckling over -“Never Quiet on the Western Front.”

  4. After this thread , feeling so diminished now, presenting my failed attempt at levity, only trying in ‘support’ to say MJA is ‘free balling’. No offense meant. Bows and kisses hands, Lady,,,


    An agent of the state goes deep undercover in enemy territory, but it too stupid to realize she blew her cover and the Free Peoples spotted her from the start. Will she continue to get paid by Daddy Soros?

  6. @BFH ‘Member’ that scene in one of those Lady Chatterly’s movie with the Desert Pie thingy? Funniest part! (just claim,,, nah)


    A feminist reenacts a drowning girl’s final moments, imagining her dying attestations of love for the heroic Lion of the Senate who bravely ran for help and went on to defend all women’s Gaia-given right to child murder.

  8. So nice to meet so many ‘conservatives’ here. I mean those that have been members of cross and bones, true open minded individuals,, open hugs to you all,,now back to that whip cream pie trashing scene in Lady Chartering 2, damn that was funny!

  9. Gone With the Weasels

    It Happened Last Night – Maybe

    Citizen Con

    Duck Liability Soup

    The Psychiatric Patient


    Whose your Mama Mia!


    The Maltese Fakeout

    The Big Chillyoureputation

    Pay it Fraudward

    The Skank Redemption

    An Affair to Disremember

    “I don’t feel no ways tired” But, I’m done now. 🙂

  10. “The Wrong Stuff: What it takes to be a Leftist”.

    “The Bridge at 125th St.”

    “Donny’s Heroes”

    “1984: A Leftists Odyssey”

    “A Bridge Over the Bronx River”

    “Stalig Chappaqua”

    “The Clinton Connection”

    “Star Bores”

    “Undocumented Citizen”

    “The Lord of the Leftists: A History of Barack Obama’s Rise to Power”

    “Citizen Bezos”

    “The Longest Daze : Eight Years of My Life under Obammie”

    “The Gang of Eight” (Mag 7)

    “Titty Titty Bang Bang”

    “The Longest Yard Turd”

    “The Lord of the Flings: The Life of The Great Stain Maker” – sorry JRR!

    “The Boys from a Shithole in Brazil”

    ” Dr. Obungo”

    “Abbott and Costello Meet DianeFreakingFeinstein”

    “The Great Escape from the Liberal Madness”

    “The Dirty Leftists on the Judiciary Committee”

    “Eyes Wide OPEN to Liberalism and Leftism”

    “Dumbfellas: Andrew Coumo, The Story of a Dumb Dumbs Rise to Power”


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