Gillibrand has a Women’s March Problem

Patriot Retort:

Although most of the mainstream news media didn’t mention it, yesterday the DNC cut ties with the Women’s March over its pesky anti-Semitism problem.

And they’re not the only ones to bail.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Emily’s List, even NARAL dropped them.

And that’s a problem for Kirsten Gillibrand.

See, yesterday to very little fanfare, Gillibrand announced she is getting ready to run for president.

Like we didn’t all see that coming.

After all, during her Senate debate in 2018, Kirsten swore up and down that she wouldn’t screw over New York voters by winning reelection and then promptly running for President. So naturally she does just that.

If there’s one thing you can count on with Kirsten Gillibrand it’s that you can never count on her to keep her word.

Last night on Twitter, Kirsten made it official.

It was the tweet heard round the … well, block.

At this writing, that tweet has garnered only 23 retweets and 39 likes in the last fifteen hours. However, it has received 1.6 thousand replies.

That’s a painful ratio.


13 Comments on Gillibrand has a Women’s March Problem

  1. “Add your name today if your ready to own a piece of our movement.”

    Lolol ewwww, no thanks. I can get it free off the streets of San Francisco, anyway.

  2. I personally know and worked with that lady. She is incredibly dim and lacks foresight of any kind. Ask anyone in Oswego County and they will tell you the same.
    She will cast aside early in the primaries.

  3. The fug do women need a march for anyway? It ain’t like the kitchen is over the fuggin’ Pyrenees mountains. Slipper up and shuffle down the hall. Damn.

  4. @Dianny – Forgive this editorial nit; in the interest of maximum accuracy, I offer this in the spirit of constructive criticism:

    If there’s one thing you can count on with Kirsten Gillibrand it’s that you can never always count on her never to keep her word.

  5. @Aaron Burr January 16, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    > Slipper up and shuffle down the hall.

    On their FEETS! Why, My Burr! You raging feminist!

  6. Who thought a Muslima leading a woman’s rights group was a good idea?
    Rhetorical question, the list is long, made up of cultural idiots.
    That rag they wear, you know ladies, the one the men make them wear.

  7. Well now Mr. Anonymous, heel up on them thar unsubstantiated accusations and wild aspersions against the sterling reputation of one of the very first gun slingin’ and note warblin’ troubadours of these here United States.

    Why, Colonel Burr is knowed around the entire globe for his charitable work with the oppressed and downtrodden sorts who seem to populate the less desirable environs of our shared environment.

    In short, it appears that opium induced glandular swelling has done choked off the necessary oxygen supply needed for your proper higher brainpan functions.

    If’n I was you, I’d start reciting psalms by the barrel-ful in order to appease whatever many headed deity you burn live offerins’ to so’s he ain’t gonna consign yer immortal soul to an everlastin certitude of brimstone and firey enemas on a dependable hourly schedule.

  8. Yikes, I have never bothered to watch / listen to Sarsour previously, that is one ugly, guttural skank.

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