GQ Thought Vindman Received Purple Heart for Being Wounded By an IUD

The left has as much knowledge of the perils of war as they do about “assault rifles.”

Premium Steve‏ @Premium_Steve Getting a Purple Heart for being wounded by an IUD would be a hell of a story

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  1. Maybe Lt. Kernel Flounderman was awarded his Purple Heart for actually being very slightly wounded by an Incredibly Unlucky Device.

  2. I took a pic with my camera, that’s ones of a kind.

    That said that Maccoby, from what he posts on twatter, appears to be a real C’ser. It would have been nice to read about the story but not have to click that pricks’ page…

  3. The stench of the utter leftist pussified rag known as GQ more than cancels out any cutesy amusement with this pathetic blunder.

  4. Is it just me, or does that fat faced LT Col Vinkman or whatever his name is, look alot like a fat faced nephew of Putin?

  5. Just wondering, but why isn’t any soldier wounded or hurt at any time while on active duty not given a medal for their injury? I saw wounded in action soldiers given purple hearts, and justifiably so, but also witnessed a number of soldiers injured, some severely, and even some killed while training to be a soldier! No medal or official recognition of their injury! God bless the Purple Heart recipients but also bless all those injured while serving!

  6. I wouldn’t exactly call it an “injury”, but you actually CAN suffer some occasional discomfort from an IUD.

    Don’t ask me how I know this.

  7. Yea! “Vindman wounded by IUD” From where I sit that sounds about right. He surely does seem awfully proud of that uniform.


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