Sen. Hatch trolls Fauxcahontas



DC: Sen. Hatch Trolls Sen. Warren, Claims He’s 1/1032 T-Rex

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch released his own DNA test on Twitter Monday evening in response to Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren doing the same to prove she has Native American ancestry. more

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  1. We never would have seen this from Hatch, or any other Republican, in the “Before Trump” GOP. Hatch and all the rest would have been running for the tall grass at the first mention of Liz’s DNA Technical Aborigine test results. Of course, before Trump, there would have been no mockery of her original claims, either.

    What is funny is watching the Dems show us who’s on board with Liz, and who will be supporting another Dem for prez in 2020. She’d better be making a list of enemies. Hillary did.

  2. Do the math. Warren weighs (generously) 130lbs. At 1/64th “Native American”, that’s about 2lbs. At 1/1024th “Native American” that’s 2oz.

    Elizabeth Warren could poop out her Native American heritage after an average lunch.

  3. imho, the Republicans can thank Trump for singlehandedly demonstrating what role cohones play in getting the job done.

    Does Hatch realize he’s reminding people he’s Ice Age old?

  4. Nice laugh from Senator Hatch. Watch for leftists continuing to criticize this and further demonstrate a complete lack of humor.

  5. Warren can Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die (if she likes).

    I am 100% Native American! Born in Illinois (it wasn’t the foreign country then (in 1953) that it is now) by Native American parents (one born in Memphis TN and the other in Augusta GA).

    So take that “Native American” buffalo shit and shove it.

    izlamo delenda est …


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