Top A.I. Companies Pledge Not To Work On Killer Robots

Fox News

Over 160 companies working in artificial intelligence have signed a pledge not to develop lethal autonomous weapons.

The pledge, which was signed by 2,400 individuals including representatives from Google DeepMind, the European Association for AI and University College London, says that signatories will “neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapons.” More

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  1. Talk to the Chi-Coms. And the Russians. And the North Koreans. And the Iranians.

    They’ll have the weaponry we won’t.

  2. Personally, I’m excited by this incredible market growth opportunity. Death by automaton is the fastest growing segment of the entire murder/death/kill pie chart.

    Think of the customer demand for personal murder bots. No more messy hands, shaky alibis or even rising from the couch. With your own murder bot your schedule will free itself from the endless drudgery of killing and maiming, giving you plenty of free time to commit murder on your own terms.

    Wow…. this stuff writes itself…..

  3. Looks like were skipping Asimov’s rules for Robots..

    and going Left to Rules for Radical Robots….

    No worries….I’m working on a huge magnet….YUGE !!!

  4. Talk to the Chi-Coms. And the Russians. And the North Koreans. And the Iranians.

    They’ll have the weaponry we won’t.

    Which is why they will work on it anyway.

    With the right BS and a lack of light, we can be pretty good mushrooms. Examine the Liberal Larry Left for how bad it can get.

  5. Without having our intellectual property to steal, the Russians and Chinese will never make them.

  6. Uh huh. You mean FB/Google who got caught collecting and selling data? That kind of promise.

    I follow a few experts in the AI field and none of them can agree on where this is going, but one thing to which they all agree is it’s unchartered territory with the potential, if in the wrong hands/govts, to extinguish humankind (not zombie movie extinction).

    China and the US are already competing in the AI race, hence global purveyors, e.g., FB/Google and a myriad of subsidiaries have no allegiance to the US to protect against nefarious foreign govts.

  7. HAL 9000 meets Marvin the paranoid android meets the Daleks (EXTERMINATE!) and the Cybermen meets the Borg. And they’re all thwarted by Dr. Who’s (with Tom Baker as Dr. Who of course) little robot dog companion K-9. The stuff of good scifi.

  8. Hey, Hillary Clinton almost became our President – killer robot overlords can’t be any worse. Maybe even better, if we can teach them to hate any argument that begins with “I feel that…”

  9. “Top A.I. Companies Pledge Not To Work On Killer Robots”
    I’m even more glad I didn’t buy a tesla- now there is no place to have work done on them

  10. I still say this market vacuum will fill itself. If the rich A.I. technicians won’t work on death bots, the third world technicians will.

    Sooooo…. like murder bots with white walls and really cool pin-striping.

  11. Let’s say governments work on and field autonomous killer robots, despite this boycott by some of the leading firms and their engineers. That probably means the machines were designed and programed by engineers who weren’t as skilled, perhaps from Bangalore.

    Will that make the machines less likely to malfunction and indiscriminately kill those who were never targeted or more likely to become indiscriminate killbots?

    It’s ethically irresponsible not to take a hand in making sure the machines operate as safely as possible for civilians and non-threats.

  12. We’re still developing the electrified bolas over here. The magnetic weights will contain batteries, and the cables/cords will be able to deliver taser like or localized EMF discharges. Better prepared than not.

  13. HAHAHAHAHA !!!! Don’t make me laugh
    till I cry…. and I won’t C** in your M****.
    Just like they promised about cloning.

  14. But what if the non-lethal autonomous robots decide (because they CAN) to weaponize themselves?

    Skynet available for com*…


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