PETA Wants to Memorialize Lobsters Who Died in Maine Truck Accident

WFB: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has asked Maine officials for permission to build a five-foot tombstone to memorialize the site of an August truck crash that left thousands of lobsters scattered on the highway.

PETA says it would like to remember the “countless sensitive crustaceans” killed in the Aug. 22 crash in Brunswick, Maine, USA Today reports. The truck contained 7,000 pounds of lobster and backed up traffic for hours after its contents spilled onto the road.

The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries after, according to police, the vehicle likely hydroplaned in bad weather.

The epitaph of the gravestone would read, “In Memory of the Lobsters Who Suffered and Died at This Spot” and encourage people to “Try Vegan.”

Maine’s Department of Transportation is reviewing PETA’s request, but state law limits the size of roadside memorials and requires them to be removed after 12 weeks.  more here


30 Comments on PETA Wants to Memorialize Lobsters Who Died in Maine Truck Accident

  1. I love to hear them scream when I drop them in a pot of boiling water and watch them turn red. Yum, yum.

    (They don’t scream, that’s PETA bullshit)

  2. Let them spend their money on this silly bullshit – they tear it down at 12 weeks.

    Fuck em – let em eat cake.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. What do we want? Boiled Lobster!
    When do we want it? NOW!

    No boiled Lobster, No peace!

    BLM: Boiled Lobster Matters

    I’m just using the SJW’s tactics, what’s the problem?

    Happy Friday Y’all

  4. I want to honor them too! What are their names, ages, and histories for the Obituaries and time capsule! Could rename a school or two also!

  5. We could give them a week-long royal funeral like is being done for McShame! Speakers could include, Gore, Obama, Biden, Hillary, Bill and that famous chef, whats his name!

  6. It needs to be asked! Were any children lobsters separated from their parents
    and is it Trump’s fault?

  7. I love Jimmy’s for doing this. Right. Back. In. Their. Faces.

    These peta assholes should be tossed into the Australian outback or someplace similarly remote with no cameras on them, no communications, no nothing, really, except some flint, a knife, and a 10-page copy of some blog post on how not to die in the wilderness (that last, only because I’m feeling generous).
    Some people have real problems. The petidiots have wallowed in luxury far too long and are unsustainable in healthy and functional society. They’re frivolous and malicious.

  8. Will they still conduct services even if the critter went through a change of state? If so, there’s a couple that recently passed on in my septic tank.

  9. And Oh, I’ve eaten fresh Bambi road kill. Lobster road kill?
    Just think, surf and venison at the cabin dinner table. Wow!
    Only a buncha deplorable crackers would enjoy that. I’m one.

  10. It’s of no value to this thread to mention that I hate sea bugs, be them crustaceans or bivalves. But I said it anyway.

    But I had to mention the poor cisgender male lobstah who had just come to terms with her journey to reassignment when a truck ran over her dick.

    At first it seemed like a blessing from Michelin, but alas, the disfigured squashed lob knob could not be transformed into a snatchamabob.

  11. Recipe for lobster scrambled eggs.
    Put a cast iron skillet with heavy lid on high heat.
    Break 8 eggs into a bowl
    When skillet is smoking hot, throw in 1 2 lb lobster.
    Add eggs.
    Put lid on and let the lobster scramble the eggs.


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