RNC ad showing that Dems had impeachment on their agenda from day 1

8 Comments on RNC ad showing that Dems had impeachment on their agenda from day 1

  1. With the help of quite a few whiny Republicans as well. Some of them now act as if Trump were their BFF in hopes of still getting an inner circle spot.

  2. I don’t like the guy at the local variety store so i will put everything i have on the line to destroy that person. To hell with everything and anybody that gets in my way. Then i will create my utopian store and no one but me and my kind can get in. If you don’t agree you are racist.

  3. Of course they had impeachment on their minds from the start, they were quite open about it and were already talking about it before Trump even took office.

    He’s forced everyone to reveal who and what they are from the start, nothing is hidden anymore.

  4. What if democraps tick enough people off, that the 2020 elections create a house & senate that are VETO-proof Republican… and they overturn the 22nd amendment? Wouldn’t THAT be fun to watch!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Not bad. They should have used the tweets from that lawyer who said the coup had begun. (Too lazy to look up his name)

  6. President Trump cannot have a second term because….

    …democrats can only keep Ruthie Ginsburg embalmed for so long.


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