Government Stooge Pissed That A Guy Actually Could Fight City Hall

This city attorney has a weird take on an eminent domain case where a guy was rich enough to fight the government by filing countersuits.

She says, “ordinary people don’t have the money and the government comes in and takes their land away. And it makes me feel bad because this guy is rich enough to fight it.”

So what side is she on?

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  1. A private citizen fights back over government seizure of his land and she is infuriated.

    Her perspective is that the guy should roll over and play dead like “normal” people do.

    She is obviously used to getting her way and that guy has thrown a wrench into her machine.

    Well, tough titty for the ignorant little bitch.

  2. How about that? The guy at the end was also upset that a citizen could go to Austin & work to get people elected that would oppose their plans. Where the result could be that not only the rich guy, who could afford to fight them and beat them, but also the ordinary people, who couldn’t afford to fight them, could also benefit long term from having better representatives being elected. They have the attitude that that sort of thing is un- American. Ah, it is not. Quite the opposite actually.

  3. “Because he has a lot of money, he can hold the city hostage for years and get what he wants …. there is something really wrong with that”.

    This tyrannical boob just can’t find her way to see that it is actually the city that is holding a taxpayer hostage by using taxpayer dollars to do so, only so the city can get what it wants regardless of existing law. If anyone was ever looking for an example of why people absolutely despise government at every level, this is the video you were looking for.

    She even admitted that he was in the right by saying that if they kept fighting the issue in the courts, the man that the city was trying to bully would actually win on the merits of the case (they knew that the law was on his side, but kept pursuing the issue because they thought they could waste enough “city money” to coerce him into doing what the city wanted) ….. LAW AND MORAL RIGHTEOUSNESS BE DAMNED!”

    Don’t kid yourself people – local government is just as bad as the federal government from a moral perspective. There are simply some people that should never hold authority over others because they have no innate concept of freedom, liberty or the rule of law according to the Constitution.

  4. A classic example of taking the path of least resistance (we’ll take it cuz we can) turns into a battle and they meet their Waterloo. Getting their ears pinned back is a good lesson for assuming they can do as they please with people simply because they have in the past. A lot of parallels to the Second Amendment here. If we make it easy for them they will take it.

  5. Speaking of “feckless” you get what your non-voted in reality brings you. And you think your vote counts. If only recall really worked as well.

  6. There was a time in this country when Americans would have hung something as corrupt and evil as her from a nearby tree. And then burned her house to the ground as a warning to the others….

  7. This is not recent. I can’t remember when, but this was a while ago.

    She pissed me off then and still does.

    She is NOT a public servant. She is a tyrant that wants to be drunk with power.

    The kind of politician the 2A was made for.

    In other words, a Democrat.

  8. Here’s to hoping some government agency comes to her and tries to take something of hers.
    These people get their little fistful of power and think they’re Dr. Evil.

  9. People get paid market value for their property in eminent domain cases. They DO NOT get their property seized without compensation.

  10. Aside from the disgusting way she frames what she thinks of people in general, from the poor schmucks who are too stupid and poor to resist her, to the “rich man” who has the money but also the will and endurance to fight her.

    Please notice that she doesn’t even bother to hide her contempt of ALL surfs that serve at her pleasure behind the rich vs poor argument. Just like most demoncrats and Rino’s they consider themselves to be the only ones worthy of ruling over the dirt, uneducated and mongrel masses. They are the Political Royalty and not only do they DESERVE to be in power, but those poor schmucks they rule over DESERVE to be told what to do.

    Notice also the contempt that ALL of them have for anyone who dares oppose what they want to do with CITY property. Yes that is right, according to the Political Royalty ALL property belongs to them to do with as they see fit. The poor schmucks are just those useful idiots who pay the taxes on that property.

    And if we are honest with ourselves, why should we blame them for acting this way, we the American people have allowed this type of behavior and even voted the worst of them back into office.

    If we are to become free Americans again, then we must begin to train our public servants with a tight leash (the Constitution), and we must begin at home with our city councils, local zoning boards and especially our local school boards. Personnel pet pev here: If we were actually educating our kids on the values our country was based on and the Constitution and the rule of law, then we as a people would be able to smell the stench of Political Royalty from a mile away and run them out of town (after introducing them to Dr Tar and Professor Feather) before the sun sets.

    Until we reclaim our neighborhoods, cities, schools and counties we will continue to serve their pleasure.

    MSG Grumpy

  11. According to the video, the city wanted an easement to lay a water line, not to take his entire property.

    Build the Wall?

  12. That broad would make a fine candidate for the El Paso (TX) City Council. The voters here would love her… honest!

  13. @Anonymous:

    People get paid market value for their property in eminent domain cases. They DO NOT get their property seized without compensation.

    Among other considerations, you are ignoring the time dimension. If someone has bought property with the expectation that it’s market value will appreciate over time, as many if not most property owners do, then grabbing that property against the owner’s will deprives that owner of future appreciation. The compensation offered is inadequate.

    This is in addition to all the other things utterly wrong with eminent domain confiscation of property.

  14. @Anonymous:

    I recently witnessed the “taking” of hundreds of property owners’ land for an international gas pipeline. Eminent domain was threatened, but never invoked.

    Sure, they pay the owner some money. A pittance, what you may call “fair market value.” Along with that payment, the owner cannot build on the pipeline right of way, cannot plant trees, must maintain the vegetation in the ROW, and gets to continue to pay taxes on land he can’t use. Oh, and where none was before, there will be a high energy source that will annihilate everything within a quarter mile if it fails.

    How is that “fair?”

  15. Um, I gotta be honest, every single one of you sound like a Hillary
    supporter to me.
    All the city wanted to do was lay a water line.
    And the lady made a valid point your average blue collar guy couldn’t
    afford to fight the city like the rich guy, so if you have money you
    get what you want
    regardless if it’s for the benefit of all.

  16. She said “when we can’t afford to fight we get our property taken” and she said it matter-of-factly. Molon Labe Bitch.
    Hillary voter…pffft

  17. Mike D. What does it matter what they wanted to do. It is not their property. I’d like to stay at your house for a couple or several months, is that ok?

  18. As a liberal, she is attacking the rich man for being rich. When she says “that is just not right” she is saying that everybody should be poor enough not to be able to mount challenges against government grabbing of private property.

    She is ginning up the “working class” hate of rich people and hoping that will bring her a victory.

    She is one sick puppy.

  19. @Anonymous June 11, 2018 at 8:00 am

    > People get paid market value for their property in eminent domain cases. They DO NOT get their property seized without compensation.

    “Market value” is whatever two parties willingly agree it is. Guido holds the gun, Tony tells you what he’s offering, and you can sign or die, is close (clearly close enough for government work), but not quite “willing”.

  20. Well, this is Austin, isn’t it?

    That’s like Madison, Wisconsin, Seattle or Berkeley, California.

  21. Awww… too bad the guy had enough money to fight the city from STEALING his property. Maybe y’all should consider more carefully the fact that you usually abuse the poorest amongst us while stealing their property.

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