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Let’s Not Get Too Excited – This Idea is Only Halfway Good

A guy named Josh Feurstein is trying to get an idea to catch fire in order to burn Starbucks for not putting Merry Christmas on their coffee cups.

The cups are just plain red for the Christmas season.

He says, “order the coffee and when they ask you your name say it’s ‘Merry Christmas,’ and then you’ve tricked them into putting Merry Christmas on their cups.”

Brilliant, right?

Well, sorta.

It’s a great way to boost sales for a company that you shouldn’t be supporting by telling people to go there and pull this trick. It’s almost as if Josh is secretly on the Starbucks sales team.

If you’re going there anyway, by all means do it, it’s a snarky idea.

But I’ve been in 2 Starbucks my entire life, and I’m not about to go there now just to participate in this campaign.

Here’s the video.


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  1. Whoa, Josh how’s it going? Long time no hear! Have you heard from Suu-chan? How is she doing? She never responds to my messages. Is she alright? It’s been a long time since we worked together in Acton.

  2. Whenever I have the misfortune of having to get coffee at Starbuck’s in a pinch (they’re hard to avoid in urban areas-kind of like storm sewers), I always ask,”Do you have a roast that doesn’t taste like asphalt driveway sealant?”

  3. My fabulous wife used to be a fiend for the Starbucks bottled coffee drinks. When the 9-11 attacks occurred it was reported that Starbucks in Manhattan were CHARGING the rescue workers for water and coffee.

    Not another PENNY of our money has EVER been spent in support of these lib-tards.

  4. I hate coffee and never drink the stuff. But all my coffee – drinking friends tell me Starbucks Coffee is barely ingestible.

  5. I really don’t feel the need to insist that others say Merry Christmas to me. If I say it to someone, and they reply with Happy Holidays or some other bullshit like that, I simply carry on. It certainly won’t ruin what Christmas means to me.

  6. I stole this idea from someone else. When someone says “Happy Holidays”, I reply “what holiday”? When they say “Christmas”, I reply “Merry Christmas to you, too”.

  7. “Merry Christmas” coming from a progtard is always a negative statement. It’s Christ’s birthday – somebody they hate more than Hitler or Satan.

    So the progtards at starbucks are writing people’s names on the coffee cups now? Or did I read that wrong? Sounds very lame.

    LobotoProg: What’s your name?

    Sane Person: Faque O. Bama.

    Then after he writes the name, tell him you changed your mind about trying to drink their shitwater.

  8. I don’t even like Starbucks coffee anymore. There was a time when I would drink it. Now I prefer McDonalds coffee over Starbucks. Hell, McDs even have better cups too, and for a dollar.

  9. Go ahead and keep trying to not offend the OMG Oppression crowd Starbucks. The other 90% of us who are too busy to give a crap about your No Offense campaign will go somewhere else. Not because we are offended. Because we are sick of the cowtowing to imaginary first world -isms because special snowflakes can’t handle basic truths about the world.

  10. I’ve got about $300 worth of Starbucks gift cards. This is my final notice to everyone in the world: Stop giving me these fooking worthless cards!

  11. There are a couple of travel plazas I stop at that give you a choice between Starbucks and the gas station coffee. After telling the hipster at the SB twice that I just wanted a friggin cup of coffee at one of them, I decided I’d had enough and I’ll get the gas station glop from now on and add whatever excuse they have for creamer and sugar.

  12. Went to Starbucks 3 times in the 90s. Once was for a coffee, it tasted like transmission fluid. Once was for Jasmine tea. That was the best drink I ever got anywhere and of course it was a limited item and never made or sold there again. Once at an airport ( prolly LAX ) and the only thing I remember is some guy so strung out on caffeine he asked me to put the lid on his coffee cup because he couldn’t. ( All this was before the latte bullshit hit their market.)

  13. Keep a plastic container of dry powdered milk in your car. Better taste, far fewer calories, no synthetic shit.

  14. I see no reason to compel heathens into saying or writing Christ’s name. That is an act that borders on sacrilege at the very least.
    I don’t want to be compelled to say good things about the goat loving pedophile, so I treat others as I would like to be treated.

  15. That is an old OLD saying from when I was a tot. It was normally taken as a joke. The reverse was, “Let’s do and say we didn’t.”

  16. @ Eternal Cracker,

    If you give your Starbucks gift cards away, I think you should give them to dirty, stinky, homeless, alcoholic panhandlers.

  17. I forgot to tell you the other night I was sitting outside and a cute little Fox walked right up to me and I’m in Central Texas!

  18. With the whole pay it forward deal at Starbucks, I’m not sure money is required anyhow. Maybe I should just walk into Starbucks, drop the cards on the counter tell them they are no good for me, but your customers are welcome to poison themselves.

  19. I refuse to go to Starbutts. Their coffee is horrible. When we go to the airport, the lines are always long. People really think they’re something walking around with a Starbutts cup, I just roll my eyes. On another note, I worked with a lady whose name was Mary Christmas. She was nuttier than a fruit cake.

  20. I know that the Starbucks cup doesn’t say Merry Christmas and doesn’t have a Xmas tree or Santa design- but – it is in the traditional red and green colors of Christmas. When I saw the cup design it said Christmas to me-although in the most minimalist way. I’d prefer a cute design to look at when I have my gingerbread latte.

    Yes, I go to Starbucks-and other local roasters. When I need coffee- I get coffee!

  21. You do know they serve food as well right? I have to admit their double-smoked bacon, cheddar and egg breakfast croissant is fantatic for about $3.00. They also sell some music, mugs, beans and coffee makers etc. I’d think for $300 you could find something that appeals to you.

    My wife is an ER nurse at a Children’s Hospital, the only place open in the hospital at all hours is the Starbucks so it gets visited regularly in our household.

  22. As a person who remembers Starbuck’s first shop way back in the old days, sometimes I go there. The coffee is not overroasted. People who think Dunkin Donuts coffee is good always say that….
    There are a lot of other roasters that I like better than Starbucks nowdays though.

  23. Barry, Cherry, Gerry, Harry, Jerry, Kerry, Larry, Perry, Querry- the adopted black kid, Terry, and the adopted Chinese kid, Xerry.

  24. Maybe they can’t afford to have extra words printed on their cups.

    I drink their ice teas once in a great while, when someone else is buying. lol!
    For coffee, I prefer mcD’s or Dunkin Donuts mostly. But when I’m feeling adventurous, I go to Leone Cafe. I can’t pronounce a quarter of the stuff in there, but it’s gooooood.

  25. Forgot to add: Leone Cafe reminds me of a cafe in Europe I regularly went to with my grandpa when I was just a little MJA.

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